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Pre-Made Volume Fans

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Pre-Made Volume Fans

What Are They

Pre-made volume lash extensions are created in advance, so lash artists don’t have to fan individual lashes during an application. These fans are made in two styles:

  • Heat Bonded
  • Glue Bonded

When pre-made extensions first hit the market, they were bonded with glue. This resulted in a small knot at the bottom of the fan, which could be difficult to work with, and added weight to the fan.

Newer pre-made fans use heat bonding, which means they are bonded at the root using pressed heat as opposed to adhesive. This process results in the fans being lighter, and easier to work with.

What are the benefits?

Pre-made fans do cost more than a tray of individual extensions, but they come with great benefits. The first is that you can complete a set of volume or hybrid extensions much quicker. If your schedule is mostly volume sets, this can be a great benefit for completing more clients.

Another benefit is the strain in a lash artists hands from creating fans. The process of precisely making a fan from individual lashes, over and over, can create strain and tension in the hands. This can have an impact on your ability to provide services to clients – which impacts your income!

Pre-made fans don’t produce the same amount of strain, as they are simply picked and placed. They can be used intermittently in order to give your hands a break!

Pre-Made Volume Fan, being applied to the natural lashes

Finally, pre-made extensions are consistent. Clients love that each fan is perfectly spaced when they see their lashes. As with individual lashes, pre-mades come in various lengths so you can achieve the same look as before.

How To Apply

When working with pre-mades you still want to use a curved tweezer for easier pickup. When picking up the pre-mades off of the strip you want to grab the fans in the middle, pull towards you and lift then dip it 2-3mm into the glue.

Once you’ve isolated the natural lash you want, place the pre-made on top or underneath. There is a lot of surface area when placing the fans this way and it ensures you get a good bond between the pre-made and natural lash.

Where To Buy

Miyo Lash supplies pre-made fans at a wholesale price in our Shop here on Miyo Beauty Online. Order directly from our trusted suppliers at a great price.

For custom order, please feel free to Contact Us at info@miyolash.com


Lyn Andrea

Lyn is a lash artist, lash educator, & fashion enthusiast. Lyn is the owner of Miyo Beauty Bar in Brantford, and the online lash store Miyo Lash.

Being a leader in the beauty industry, fitness is always a big part of the day. Check the links below for more posts, or contact Lyn directly By Email

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