Keeping Lash Clean


Keeping Lashes Clean

How do you keep your lashes clean? Lash extensions that stay clean assist with lash health and retention!

Wait 24 Hours

The most important thing to remember after getting lash extensions, is that you have to wait 24 hours before getting the extensions wet. If you get your extensions wet before that time, it may interfere with the adhesive used for the extensions. If the adhesive is weakened, it will affect your lash life and lead to fills being required sooner.

Once you’re able to clean your extensions, there are a few options you can use. The first is baby shampoo, a cleanser or lash foam.This is important because you want to make sure that you are cleaning any makeup, oil and dirt that is on your extensions. This will prevent you from any irritation or an eye infection.

Washing them regularly after the 24 hours is important to prevent lash mites. Lash mites are attracted to and feed on dead skin. This is why it is extremely important to clean your lashes to insure the health of your natural lashes.

Your lash artist will be able to tell you if you are cleaning your extensions properly as they check on your fills and retention.



After you clean your lashes you can brush them out with a spooly brush. This helps the extensions stay in place and help the volume fans to separate from each other after getting wet and make them nice and fluffy again.

If volume lashes become intertwined, they can become uncomfortable. Many lash artists provide a lash brush at the end of a fill. If you need lash brushes, we have them available at Miyo Lash, or they can be purchased on Amazon

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