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Kettlebell + Wall Ball Workout

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One of the best ways to keep up with a fitness routine is to ensure that your workouts are both challenging and dynamic.

The Tools

For this workout, I decided to do a full body focus at a lighter weight. Keeping the weight down allows me to safely complete some of the more complicated movements, without an added risk of injury.

Of course, I always start my workouts with about 10 minutes of warm up. Warm up is very important, both getting the heart rate up and loosening the muscles. Warming up is always important, but even more so when completing exercises with multiple plans of motion.

Two really awesome exercise tools are kettlebells and wall balls. Most gyms now carry both of these, as they are invaluable in fitness routines for any level.

The Exercises!

Number 1: This exercise is a combination of two really great movements. The first: pushups, are a foundational exercise in building upper body strength. They’re easy to do, as all you need is your body and the floor. Between each pushup, I did a frogger, which is jumping the feet to the hands while maintaining the pushup position of the hands. This was a super easy and efficient way to get lower body and abdominal work in!

Number 2: There are many ways to do a plank, which is holding a horizontal position to the floor. Often, I put my forearms on the floor and hold this position, but there are way to involve a more dynamic element. I used two wall-balls, as they roll on the floor easy than say, a slamball. Using my forearms, I rolled each wallball independently back and forth, which adds a lot of difficulty to the upper body. It also requires core stability as my body is never fully symmetrical.

Number 3: Renegades! So difficult, and so rewarding. While holding a pushup plank, you can use dumbbells or kettlebells to complete a row. This movement is done one hand at a time, as the other is used for stability. When doing Renegades, it can be easier to hold you feet in a wider position in order to create a larger base. Like in Exercise 1, I completed an intermediate movement between reps. In this case that was a downward dog.

Number 4: If there’s a proper name for this, let me know – but for now I call it The Ultimate. This movement really uses the whole body, and with the weight of kettlebells – it makes it great for building muscle. I started with a simple kettlebell based pushup, which one completion, I hopped my feet to hands. Given that the kettlebells are already being held, it’s easy to do a bent over row (ensure you have a neutral spine during any bending, weight loaded exercises). I completed the entire movement with a standing shoulder press, again using the kettlebells.

I get a lot of inspiration for my fitness routines from social media, as there’s so many awesome and motivational athletes who are always giving great ideas. I also consult with fitness books like this one ► https://geni.us/IPj4Vpe


Lyn Andrea

Lyn is a lash artist, lash educator, & fashion enthusiast. Lyn is the owner of Miyo Beauty Bar in Brantford, and the online lash store Miyo Lash.

Being a leader in the beauty industry, fitness is always a big part of the day. Check the links below for more posts, or contact Lyn directly By Email

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