Legs + Abs



First, The Location

I’d like to thanks NorthXFit for opening this brand new fitness facility in Kitchener, Ontario. This gym has many programs and is specialized in fitness for those who have exceptional needs, but they also have open memberships and personal training for anyone. NorthXFit did a fantastic job in giving their members all the best equipment, while having enough open space to do some really great & functional workouts.

Check them out at their Website, or on Instagram.

Legs, Legs, Legs

Building the booty is a most sought after fitness goal, and it isn’t hard to do! I prefer to do tried and proven leg exercises, which are compound in nature. Compound movements utilize several joints and are great for growing overall strength, power and muscle.
The Curtsy Squat is a variation of a squat, in which you move one foot behind the other as you complete the movement. While squatting back to the neutral position, the rear foot is brought back to a square position. Curtsy squats can be complete in a calistenic fashion (body weight), or completed with a kettlebell, dumbbell or any other object for weight.
Another exercise you may see a lot of is the Romanian Deadlift, often called the ‘RDL’. The variation I did in this workout is a single leg RDL, which maintains only a slight bend in the knee while completing the movement. The single leg RDL can be completed with a kettlebell, dumbbell or even holding on to a plate. It’s a great exercise to build the legs and core strength.

On To The Abs

NorthXFit has a lot of really great fitness equipment, including a TRX System. I used the TRX to do a modified Mountain Climber, which is holding a high plank and jumping each foot forward and back. With the TRX, you can float your feet and do the same movement while having a unstable platform. It really creates more difficulty for this already hard exercise.

The TRX is a great tool, and it’s available HERE on AMAZON 😃

Another great abdominal exercise is the Knee Hug. For the variation I did, I was holding a V-Sit on an elevated platform, which allows for more mobility of the legs. If this is too difficult, you can hold a sit-up position with your feet flat on the ground and knees bent.

There are so many ways to do these functional exercises, which is what keeps my workouts fun and fresh.


Lyn Andrea

Lyn is a lash artist, lash educator, & fashion enthusiast. Lyn is the owner of Miyo Beauty Bar in Brantford, and the online lash store Miyo Lash.

Being a leader in the beauty industry, fitness is always a big part of the day. Check the links below for more posts, or contact Lyn directly By Email