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Lash Fill Tips + Tricks

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Lash Fill | Tips + Tutorial

Here is a tutorial, including some of my tips and tricks for completing a lash fill! This information is covered in our Lash Courses at length, so if you have any questions about lashing please feel free to reach out to me by email.

First Steps

The first step to a lash fill is placing the eyepads or tape on the lower lashes. Lash artists have various preferences with which to use, I like using our Miyo Lash Eyepads for the lower lashes. These eyepads are nourishing for the client, but also have the right amount of ‘stick’, while not being so sticky that they’re uncomfortable.

Another option is to use tape on the lower lashes. There are several styles of tape, such as medical woven and lint free. When choosing a tape, it’s important to consider your own value of each style and also that of your client. Some clients may have a skin reaction to various eyepads or tape styles, so having a few options on hand is always good.

Isolation Is Key

When we talk about isolation, that is when separate one natural lash from the other lashes and place the extension on just one natural lash.
This is extremely important as because each lash grows at a different stages. Even when assessing your clients lashes prior to the fill, you’ll need to ensure that the lashes are isolated and growing out in a healthy way. It’s a good time to ensure your work at the time of the lash set was done properly.
A way to isolate the extensions that remain from those that have fallen off, is to tape up the extensions. This will allow you to easily see which natural lashes are strong enough to have another extension applied.
If you take these steps, completing a lash fill is easy. Just ensure that you’re applying a length/thickness of extension which won’t damage the natural lashes. Your clients will return for many fills 💯


Lyn Andrea

Lyn is a lash artist, lash educator, & fashion enthusiast. Lyn is the owner of Miyo Beauty Bar in Brantford, and the online lash store Miyo Lash.

Being a leader in the beauty industry, fitness is always a big part of the day. Check the links below for more posts, or contact Lyn directly By Email

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