Leg Burner Workout


So Many Variations!

Leg workouts don’t have to be boring! Even with simple movements like a squat, there’s so much possibility for variations to target all the parts of the legs.

The first tool I used is a bench. If you’re working out at home you can switch this out for a chair, a box or even your couch. With one leg back in an elevated position, doing a squat is much more difficult. It’s a simple way to make a body weight workout go much further.

For the next exercises, having something firm to stand on is necessary. Step Up’s are completed by simply stepping up and down. The easiest way is to simple complete the movement facing forward, one foot at a time. Give consideration to doing consecutive steps with the same foot, or pausing on the floor to alternate feet. For more advanced movements you can also try to go slower on the eccentric phase.

Step Up’s can be done in a side to side fashion as well. I did a variation that resembles a Curtsy Squat – using on leg to go behind the stationary one. I could feel this really working out the legs, as it’s very unique and not something I do very often.

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Lyn Andrea

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