Awesome Home Workout


Today we’re doing a really great workout, which you can complete at home. Check the video out on YouTube at the link below!

This workout consists of 5 different exercises, which target the legs, arms and shoulders especially.
We’ll start off with a quick warm up to loosen up our body, and get the blood flowing. I also demonstrate each movement, but feel free to skip that and get right into the workout if you’re familiar with the moves.
I’m using two kettlebell’s for this one, but you can also use dumbbells or an improvised weight. I like to use soup cans if I don’t have proper weights around.

The exercises are:

1. Squat To Alternating Row – Remember to maintain a neutral spine position when you row your weights. Be sure to row individually with each arm to get the full range of motion.

2. Reverse Lunge To Around The World – This movement is great to hit the shoulders, and core stability while you maintain a neutral upper body.

3. Squat To Front Raise – This one is a very simple and very effective combo, and your legs should be on fire by this point.

4. Curtsy Lunge To Press Out – Another one to hit the shoulders, which is completed with a Curtsy Lunge. Those will really target the outer muscles on your legs and get some booty growth.

5. Squat To Shoulder Press – If you’re advanced, you can do Thrusters for this one, but to keep it simple I did a squat followed up with a simple shoulder press.

The Workout:

We’ll complete each exercise for 30 seconds, with a 15 second break between each one. Finishing all 5 will complete one round, and we’ll be doing a total of 3 rounds.

Feel free to take a longer break between rounds, or modify the movements if you need.

Be sure to leave a comment on YouTube about how well you did, and if you have any requests for future workouts 😘 


Lyn Andrea

Lyn is a lash artist, lash educator, & fashion enthusiast. Lyn is the owner of Miyo Beauty Bar in Brantford, and the online lash store Miyo Lash.

Being a leader in the beauty industry, fitness is always a big part of the day. Check the links below for more posts, or contact Lyn directly By Email