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Follow Along With A Kettlebell

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Fun & Dynamic Home Workout

Today’s workout is 2 rounds of 5 exercises total. You can use a kettlebell, or try an alternative with bodyweight.

You can complete these at home, or anywhere to get a really great + quick workout in. Each exercise will be on for 30 seconds, with 15 seconds of rest. We’re doing 2 rounds of:

► 1. Switch Jump Lunge with High Knee Start off in a lunge position and hop up, switching the forward foot. Between each rep, try a front knee in a dynamic way. If that’s too difficult, try doing alternating lunges with a more static front knee.

► 2. Kettlebell Swing to Low Squat Swing Try a KB swing from a standing position, and alternate to a squatted position with another swing. If you don’t have a kettlebell try doing body weight squats.

► 3. Pulse Squat Stepouts Squat down and pulse a couple times, then stand back upright. At the top, alternate each foot to tapping outside shoulder width.

► 4. Lateral Squat Jump with Calf Raise Squat down and step out laterally from side to side. When you’re back in a neutral stance, try a calf raise. If that’s too difficult, try simply stepping from side to side with calf raise.

► 5. Kettlebell Swing With In & Out Jump A KB swing with a hop to a middle standing position. As a regressing try a squat to floor tap. We’ll start off with a demo of each exercise. Then it’s 3 rounds of each. Feel free to take a longer break between rounds, or modify the movements if you need. 😃

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