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Body Weight | Home Based Workout

Today we’re doing 3 round of 5 exercises! All you need is your body weight and some free space. My friend Nicole is joining for today’s workout 🤗

Each exercise will be on for 20 seconds, with 15 seconds of rest.

We’re doing 3 rounds of:

► 1. Reverse Lunge To Jump

Start with your feet in a staggered position, and we’ll being doing lunges. At the completion of each lunge, we’ll hop up with both feet. For the dynamic version, try hoping between lunges. If that’s too difficult, try just doing a normal lunge and a split squat(no hop).

► 2. Squat Toe Tap

Starting with feet shoulder with apart, squat down and back up. While still moving raise one foot upwards and tap your toe. Repeat, changing the foot you tap each rep. For a regression, try just a normal squat and raise your toe in a controlled fashion. If raising your leg is too difficult, a squat followed by bending over to touch your toe also works!

► 3. Lateral To Stationary Squat

Start with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, then squat down from side to side. Complete with a normal squat in the middle. For an easier version, try varying the depth of the side-side squats.

► 4. Reverse Lunge To Kick

Start with feet shoulder width apart, and complete a reverse lunge by lowering one foot at a time to the rear. On the upward part of the movement, kick the in-motion foot out to the front for a kick. Try to do it while not allowing the moving foot to touch the ground. For a regression, allow the moving foot to settle at neutral before completing the kick out.

► 5. Donkey Kick To Abduction

Start with feet inside shoulder width, and squat down while maintaining a neutral spine. Kick one foot out to the rear with a bent knee. When coming back to neutral, complete a leg abduction by raising the same leg out to the side. For a regression, try doing a toe-touch to the rear instead of a donkey kick.

We’ll start off with a demo of each exercise. Then it’s 3 rounds of each. Feel free to take a longer break between rounds, or modify the movements if you need. 😃

Leave a comment on the video with how great you did in this workout, or make a request for some other videos!

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