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Core BURNER | Follow Along At Home


Today we’re doing a really great workout, targeting our abs, legs and arms. All you’ll need is a mat, some open space and a weight if you’d like!

Each exercise will be on for 30 seconds, with 15 seconds of rest.

We’re doing 3 rounds of:

1. Right Side Bridge With Press

Start on a yoga mat on your right side. We’ll be going between a high bridge and a low bridge, with a press between each rep. Use a weight for difficulty.

For a simpler form, try just holding your arm up between bridge positions.

2. Left Side Bridge With Press

This is the same as #1 but on the left side on the mat.

30 seconds of work, with another 15 seconds rest.

3. Superman To Climber

Lay on your stomach for this one. We’ll spread our arms and legs out and up to complete the Superman, then move into the climber. Press up to a plank, then move each knee towards the chest.

4. Reverse Lunge With Twist

Start with feet in neutral position, and do a reverse lunge by stepping to the back with one foot. Twist towards the other foot with a weight in hand.

You can try this one with no weight or twist for an easier version.

We’ll start off with a demo of each exercise. Then it’s 3 rounds of each. Feel free to take a longer break between rounds, or modify the movements if you need. 😃

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