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Taping Techinques

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There are so many taping techniques a lash artist can use, in this video we’ll go over a few that will help you with various types of applications.

Several methods to suit your client

Isolation is key for giving your clients an amazing set of lashes. The first step is to properly tape down the lower lashes, and there are a few taping methods to assist with moving the upper lashes to a better position.

The first is your basic use of an eyepad. Having the client look up with her eye open will allow you to place the eyepad on the lower lashes. 

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Once you apply the eyepad, check for any lashes that are under it which may be stuck. Softly loosen those lashes from underneath the eyepad so you can work on them.

Another technique is to have your client look up with open eyes, and place the eyepad just underneath the bottom lashes. You can then use several pieces of adhesive tape to tape down the bottom lashes to the eyepad itself.

If your tape is sticky, try adhering it to your hand to remove some of the stickiness which will allow for more ease on removal.

Techniques Using Only Tape

You don’t need to use Eyepads, although they are helpful. You can also just use tape to hold down the lower lashes.

Have your client open her eyes and look up, and place one piece of tape down from the outside corner. Then place the next down from the inside corner to the middle.

If you have a hard time seeing the upper lashes, you can also place an eyepad on top of the tape to have them better stand out.

Please message us with any questions you have about lashing, or leave a comment on YouTube  😃

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