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Follow Along | Legs + Core

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Let’s Get It! 😃 

Today we’re going to be focused on our abs and lower body. All you’ll need is a mat, some open space and you body weight! Each exercise will be on for 30 seconds, with 15 seconds of rest. We’re doing 3 rounds of:

1. Squat To Calf Raise

This one is pretty simple, just complete a body weight squat. Add in a calf raise by extending further upwards onto your toes, and a reach to the sky.

If any part of that is too difficult, try just the squat or use a broom handle to add stability.

2. Reverse Plank With Walk Out

Start in a reverse plank, which is facing upwards on your feet and hands. Knees are bent to create a stable position. One foot at a time, step out so your heel is on the ground, then step each foot back in.

For a regression, try laying on your back and flutter kicking your feet while elevated about 6″ off the ground.

3. Forearm Pushup With Plank Leg Lift

Start in a plank with your forearms on the ground, toes as well. The first movement is pushing your butt up in the air, for the forearm pushup. Once you’re back to center, raise each leg at a time upwards from the plank position.

For a simpler version, try just a plank with the upwards leg raise.

4. Jack Heel Tap With Side Tap

This one is similar to a jumping jack, but no jumping! Just squat down and touch your heels, and while extending upwards bring one foot out laterally. Switch feet between reps.

5. Giant Mountain Climbers

Normal mountain climbers start you off in a plank position, and have you jump one foot at a time towards your chest. Giant are the same, but bigger. Bring those feet outside your shoulder as best you can.

Try a simple mountain climber for an easier version, or even easier – just step instead of jumping.

How It’ll GO

We’ll start off with a demo of each exercise. Then it’s 3 rounds of each.

Feel free to take a longer break between rounds, or modify the movements if you need. 😃

Contact me or leave a comment on YouTube with requests for future follow along workouts!

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