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Follow Along Legs

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Leg Gains For Days! 😃 

Today we’re doing a really great workout focused on our lower body. All you’ll need is a mat, some open space and your body weight! Each round has 3 exercises with a number of reps, then one exercise at the end for time. We’re doing 3 rounds of:

1. Squat + Jump (12 Reps)

Start with your feet shoulder width apart, and complete a normal squat. On the way up, continue the momentum to a jump, and land in the same position.

If the jump is too much, try rolling up to a calf raise by extending up from your toes. Or just do a body weight squat for 12 reps.

2. Squat + Step Out (12 Reps)

Once again, start with a normal squat. Upon completion of the squat, step out your foot to outside-shoulder-width. Alternate your feet that you step out with between each repetition.

3. Reverse Lunge To Knee Drive

Start with your feet slightly inside shoulder width in a standing position. Step one foot back to a reverse lunge, and when you come back to standing – drive the same knee towards your chest. Complete 6 reps on one side, then switch to 6 reps on the other. This exercise is great for building power while also training your stability and balance.

If the continual lunge-drive is too difficult, try completing the knee drive and returning to standing. Then from there, bring your knee up in a more controlled fashion.

4. Prisoner Squat (30 Seconds)

This will be the one exercise we complete for time. Lay your yoga mat in front of you, or use a soft surface. Start in a standing position with your hands locked behind your head. When we begin, bring one knee down to the mat, followed by the other. Return to a half standing position by stepping your feet through, one at a time.

How It’ll GO

We’ll start off with a warm up, and then a demo of each exercise. Next is 3 rounds of all 4 exercises.

Feel free to take a longer break between rounds, or modify the movements if you need. 😃

Contact me or leave a comment on YouTube with requests for future follow along workouts!

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