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WORKOUT AT HOME | Full Body Follow Along πŸ™Œ

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Today we’re a full body, dynamic workout. All you’ll need is some open space and your body weight!

We’re going to start with a warm up by doing some Side-To-Side Hops & High Knees.

Next I’ll demo each exercise. Once we’ve got the movements down, we’ll begin our rounds. Each exercise will be it’ll be 40 seconds long, followed by 20 seconds of rest. The 3 rounds consist of:

β–Ί 1. Plank Punch To Shoulder Tap

We’ll start off in a high plank, with toes and palms on the floor. Using alternating hands, punch out in front of you. When you complete each of the two hands, touch each of your shoulders using the opposite hand. Again, use alternating hands, and then return to punches. This continues for 40 seconds. For an easier version, try keeping your knees on the floor as well.

β–Ί 2. Lateral Squat To Twist (Right)

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, and bring your right leg outside into a lateral squat. Your left foot remains in position. When you come back to center, continue through with your right foot so that your upper leg crosses your torso. This is the twist part. Try to do this in a continual motion without resetting between reps.

If that’s too difficult, try resetting your feet at neutral between reps. This will help recover your balance.

β–Ί 3. Lateral Squat To Twist (Left)

This one will be the same movement, but in reverse. Keep your right foot planted for the exercise. You can also alternate (Left) and (Right) as the second and third exercise in the Round, so that each side is relatively equally recovered.

β–Ί 4. Plank To Low Squat

Start out in a high plank position. We’re going to dynamically hop our feet forward towards our hands. When your get there, bring your upper body into a loaded squat position. Remember to keep a neutral spine, just as though your doing a squat. Bring your hands up, and then back down to the floor. Once your hands are settled, hop your feet out and then start again.

For an easier version, try stepping your feet to your hands one at a time.

Leave a comment on Youtube with how well you do in this workout, and any requests for other #wod’s πŸ™‚

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