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SUPER INTENSE 🙌 Follow Along | Full Body Workout!

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► Only Body Weight Needed

► Five Rounds of Reps, Five Rounds for Time

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Today we’re a workout that will target your entire body. All you’ll need is some open space and your body weight!

We’re going to start with a warm up by doing some Mountain Climbers and Heel Taps.

Next I’ll demo each exercise. Once we’ve got the movements down, we’ll begin our rounds. Each of the first 5 rounds will consist of 3 exercises, that we’ll be completing for repetitions. The last 5 rounds will be timed, with 60 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest.

The first 5 rounds are:

► 10 x Burpees

Burpees crush the full body! Start in a high plank position and try to hop your feet forward into a squat. Once there, jump up with both feet, when you land you’ll return to the high plank. Repeat this for 10 reps.

If this is a little too difficult, try to step through instead of hopping. And if the jump becomes too much, try just returning to a standing position and reach your arms above your head.

► 10 x Squats

Stand with your feet at about shoulder width apart. Squat down while trying to keep your knees from going passed your feet. Keep your spine neutral, which means don’t slump forward with your upper torso. Proper form is super important with squats.

If this is too difficult, or it becomes hard, try holding a broomstick in front of you to stability yourself as you squat.

► 10 x Side – Side Plank with Shoulder Taps

Start in a high plank, and we’re going to move laterally for about 3 steps. Once you arrive at the other end, use each hand to tap the opposite shoulder. Then we’ll head back to the other end and complete the same shoulder taps. There will be 5 movements in each direction.

If this is too difficult, try to stay stationary instead of moving. Complete the shoulder taps with me as I call them out.

The last 5 rounds are for time:

► 60 Seconds Toe Taps

This is the burning finisher. Start in a standing position with feet together. We’re going to hop up and move our feet to outside shoulder width. Once there, bend forward and tap the ground.

For an easier form, try to skip the hop and just bend over touching the ground.

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