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FOLLOW ALONG | Upper Body With Bands + FINISHER 😄

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► Use Your Favorite Bands

► Five Rounds of Reps, Finisher Is Timed

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Today we’re doing a workout focused on the upper body. We’ll do one exercise for each the back, chest, biceps and triceps. All you’ll need is a band!

We’re going to start with a warm up by doing some Jumping Jacks and Twisting Toe Touch.

Next I’ll demo each exercise. Once we’ve got the movements down, we’ll begin our rounds. Each of the first 5 rounds will consist of 4 exercises, that we’ll be completing for repetitions. The last 5 rounds will be timed, with 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest.

The first 5 rounds are:

► 10 x Standing Row

Using your band, place it under both of your feet. Slightly bend over at the hip, while keeping a neutral spine. We’ll be rowing with both hands up from our feet, so hold the band with enough tension to give resistance.

For your own comfort, bend over enough so that you can properly feel this exercise squeeze your back. The more you bend over, the higher you should feel it above your lats.

► 10 x Chest Press

While standing upright and with feet shoulder width apart, wrap the band around your upper back. Grab the band on either side in both hands with enough tension so that it doesn’t move on up or down on your back. We’ll be pressing the band straight out in front of us, targeting our chest, shoulder and triceps.

► 10 x Standing Curl

Start in standing position with feet shoulder width apart. Place the band under both feet, and hold onto either the handles or the band directly. Ensure there band has tension while your arms are fully extended downwards. We’ll curl the band with both hands upwards.

For some added difficulty, try changing the hand position of the bands. You can lead the band from the inside or outside, or use a hammer position.

► 10 x Single Arm Triceps Extension

To start on your right arm, use a standing position with the right leg slightly back. Place the band under your right leg, and grab the band with your right arm. We’ll be extending our arm above our head. Try to keep your elbow tight to your head and avoid swaying it outwards as your press the band upwards. Complete 10 reps on the right arm, then we’ll switch to 10 reps on the left arm.

You can again use varying grip positions to increase or decrease the difficulty of the extensions. The last 5 rounds are for time:

► 30 Seconds High Plank – Spidermans – Downward Dogs

For the finisher, we’ll be doing 30 seconds of work with 30 seconds of rest. Follow the on screen timer and bells. Start in a high plank, and one leg at a time complete a spiderman. This is done by bringing each knee towards the chest.

Once each leg is complete, complete a downward dog by pressing your butt up towards the sky. Try to extend your arms and rotate your shoulders to get a full extension. Return to the high plank and complete it again. Only do as much as you can handle! If it start getting too much, try just holding the high plank or incorporating as much of the movements as you’d like. 

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