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5 Rounds To GROW Our LEGS

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► 5 Rounds Of Reps

► Only Need Body Weight + Space

Let’s Burn Our Legs!

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Today we’re doing a workout focused on the legs. All you’ll need is some open space. You can do this workout at home, or on a break at work. We’re going to start off with a warm up by doing Jumping Jacks and High Knees.

I’ll then demo the exercises for you, but please feel free to adapt them as needed for your comfort and ability. There are 4 exercises total, which we’ll be doing for reps. There’s 5 rounds of these exercises.

At the end, we’ll be doing a timed finisher. Watch the on screen timer for when to start and stop.

The first 5 rounds are:

5 x Wide Lunge (each leg)

Start off in a neutral standing position. We’ll be stepping forward into a wide lunge, with the front foot going just outside shoulder width. Without letting your back knee touch the ground, step back to neutral. We’ll do one leg at a time. For a variation, try just a simple straight lunge. You can also hold a broom stick down to your side on the motion leg for stability.

10 x Squat With Calf Press

Start in a standing position with feet at shoulder width. We’ll be completing a simple body weight squat. Lower down while keeping a neutral spine, and try to keep your feet from passing over the front of your toes. When you come back to standing, extend through onto the balls of your feet for a calf press. Skip the calf press if it’s too hard, or use a broomstick for stability and try the whole motion.

Lunge Launch (each leg)

We’ll again be doing a lunge motion for this one. Begin at standing as before, but we’ll be stepping out straight in line. When your front foot lands, launch it upwards and try to get about 6 inches off the ground. When you land, return that foot to standing for 5 reps. Switch feet after 5 reps. If the launch is or becomes too difficult, try just completing a normal lunge forward.

Squat With Stepback

You’ll start in a standing position, with feet at shoulder width apart. Squat down while maintaining a neutral spine – which is going to be super important for the next movement. Once at the bottom of the squat, step on foot back, behind your body. Return it forward, and then complete the squat by standing up.

Complete 5 reps on each foot before switching. Once again, try just completing a squat or use a vertical broom stick to stabilize the movement.

The last 5 rounds are for time:

Running On The Spot

For the finisher, we’ll be doing 30 seconds of work with 30 seconds of rest. Follow the on screen timer and bells. Simply run on the spot for this one. Depending on how much energy you have left, drive those knees up for the entire 30 seconds. You can start with more movement and taper it back to simple running as the timer counts down – just keep moving!!!

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