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😍 Core Workout At Home

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► Only Body Weight Needed

► 4 Rounds Focused on Legs

Today’s workout will be focused on the core.

We’ll be doing all our exercises on the ground, so you’ll need a yoga mat or soft surface.

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The first part is a warm up with Cross Toe Touches and Jumping Jacks. I’ll then demo the exercises for you, but please feel free to adapt them as needed for your comfort and ability.

There are 4 exercises total, which we’ll be doing for 30 seconds each. After each exercise, there is a 20 second rest. There’s 5 rounds of these exercises.

The first 5 rounds are:

► Bird Dog

Start off in a tabletop position. You knees should be under your hips, with your hands under your shoulders. We’ll be stretching one arm out in front, with the opposite leg back to the rear. On each rep, switch the arm/leg that your putting in motion.

If the Bird Dog is a little too simple, try crunching your moving leg in towards your chest for more abdominal work.

► Side to Side Plank

We’ll start this one in a plank position. Rotate your hips from left to right, while maintaining core stability. Don’t let the rotation get sloppy or uncontrolled.

If the rotations are too difficult, try to just hold a normal plank for the entire 30 seconds.

► Low Plank With Spiderman

We’ll be starting this one in a plank on our elbows/forearms. From the plank position, bring one knee outside your body towards your head. Return the foot to resting position, and complete a rep with the other leg.

For a variation, try this one in a high plank by keeping your hands on the floor instead of your elbows. This will also give you more room to complete the Spiderman motion.

► Reverse Crunch Start

This one supine, on your back with your legs out straight. Bring both feet up about 6 inches off the floor. We’ll be bending our legs at the knees and bringing them up towards our chest.

You can keep your hands and arms in whichever position feels most comfortable, for me it was down to the side.

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