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Banded Shoulder Workout 💪

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► 5 Rounds Of Reps

► Only Need Body Weight + Space

This workout only requires a bit of space, and a workout band. It may help to have a couple different lengths or tensions if one of the exercises is too east. Definitely watch the demo and decide which band will work the best for you.

We’ll be focusing on our shoulders for this workout, and they’ll be on fire afterwards! We’ll start off with a warmup doing some high knees and mountain climbers for timed exercises.

We’ll do 30 seconds working, with a 10 second break. Follow the on screen timer for this one.

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The main exercises will be for 10 repetitions each, and there are 5 exercises total. The 5 rounds are:

Single Arm Thruster (R)

Start off in a standing position with your feet shoulder width apart. Place the band under your right foot, holding the other end with your right hand. Ensure there’s enough tension, so that with your arm slightly bent the band is still tight.

You can do this one with your hand facing forward beside your head, or bring it around to an “Arnie” style press. That is with the front of your hand facing back. Either way, when you press through to the top we’ll have our hand facing forward. You can add a slight squat or bounce to generate more power for each rep.

Single Arm Thruster (L)

The same as the last exercise, we’ll do a single arm thruster on the left arm. Simply switch which foot you place the band under, and the hand you’re holding it with.

Lateral Shoulder Raise

Start in the standing position, with one foot slightly to the front. You can alternate your forward foot between rounds. Grab your band on both ends, so that there’s slight tension even when your arms are resting.

We’ll take both ends of the band and raise our arms directly out to our sides. Maintain control all the way up and try to give a bit of a hold at the top. Return to neutral and we’ll do some more reps!

Band Pull Apart

Stand with your feet slightly shoulder width apart. We’ll be holding the bands out right in front of us, level with the ground. Grab the band so that there’s tension even with your arms parallel and directly forward.

We’ll be rotating our arms outwards from center, the tension of the bands will work the back of our shoulders. This exercise requires a great deal of stability and control.

Front Shoulder Raise

This one is very similar to the Lateral Shoulder Raise. We’ll have the same foot and band position. Instead of raising the bands out to the side, we’ll raise it right out in front of us.

Get in 10 clean reps with a nice pause at the top of each one.

Feel free to take a longer break between rounds, or modify the movements if you need. 😃

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