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Bigger Legs Workout 🍑

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► 20 Minutes Of Timed Exercises

► Body Weight, Open Space & Effort!

This leg workout is an absolute burner! All you need is your body weight and some space. There is a big up some jumping involved, but if you’re in an apartment you can easily modify the movements 🙂

First we’ll start off with a warm up which will involve some Jumping Jacks, and some dynamic lateral movements. Then I’ll demo each exercise for you.

There will be 4 rounds of 4 various exercises. Each exercise will be completed for 30 seconds, with 20 seconds of rest. There’s an on screen timer and bell to follow along with.

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The first 4 rounds are:

5 x Wide Lunge (each leg)

Start off in a neutral standing position. We’ll be stepping forward into a wide lunge, with the front foot going just outside shoulder width. Without letting your back knee touch the ground, step back to neutral. We’ll do one leg at a time.

For a variation, try just a simple straight lunge. You can also hold a broom stick down to your side on the motion leg for stability.

Running To Sumo Squat

The first exercise is fairly simple, just run on the spot for about 10 steps. After each round of running, pop your feet out to outside shoulder width, and complete a body weight sumo squat. Be sure to maintain a neutral spine during the squat portion. You can touch the ground as well if you like for some more dynamic element.

If either movement is too much, modify it as you need for the 30 seconds of work.

Single Leg Squat & Jump + Outside Tap (right leg)

This one is spicy, so be sure to practice it before the warm up. We’ll start with our feet at or inside shoulder width. We’re going to be holding most of our weight on on foot, while using the other foot for slight stability. We’ll squat down, trying to maintain our balance and control under only one leg. Once you reach the lower phase of the squat, tap your control foot outside shoulder width, and maintain the position of the foot under load. When you bring your foot back to center, try a single leg hop.

This movement is super dynamic and involves balance, stability, and explosive power. This is booty gaining territory!

If you’re having a hard time with one leg, try it with both. You can also limit the distance of your outside foot tap, or forgo the jump. You can always use a broomstick in front of you for the entire movement for added stability.

Single Leg Squat & Jump + Outside Tap (left leg)

We’ll now do the same as the last exercise, but with the opposite leg. This will be completed for another 30 second interval.

If you’d like, and can keep track, try alternating the start leg for each round.

Alternating Reverse Lunge

Start with your feet at shoulder width apart. We’ll be doing reverse lunges by bringing one foot back, and bending our forward knee. Remember to maintain an upright posture. For the demo, I’ll be switching legs by hopping between each forward foot. This is dynamic and very difficult to finish off each round with.

If it’s too much for you, you can start with, or transition to, a simple reverse lunge that returns to neutral between each repetition. A broom stick can also be used for added stability.

Feel free to take a longer break between rounds, or modify the movements if you need. 😃

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